Recent Transactions



1.5 acres, 67.4% LTV
2 Mid-Rise Condominium Buildings
Pre-development and construction of 2 condos in Cathedraltown community



3.4 acres, 74.9% LTV
Stacked Townhouses Development
Pre-development of the last phase of “Urban North” project



8 acres, 67.9% LTV
Freehold townhomes
Development Charges and Site Servicing for 111 freehold townhomes

Loan Name Loan Amount Property Type Mortgage Rank Location
Elgin Mills 15,000,000 Low-Rise Residential 1st Markham
168 Old Kennedy 4,800,000 Stacked Townhomes 1st Markham
Danforth Ave 6,550,000 Mid-Rise Apartment (Mixed-Use) 1st Toronto
Mounsey 5,875,000 Mid-Rise Condo (Res.) 1st Woodbridge
Leslie 3,100,000 Mid-Rise Condo (Res.) 1st Aurora
Kennedy 5,250,000 Stacked Townhomes 1st Toronto
Mapleview – Phase 6 2,885,000 Stacked Townhomes 1st Barrie
Lake Shore 12,620,000 Mid-Rise Apartment (Mixed-Use) 1st Toronto
Dundas 7,500,000 Commercial Development 1st (Primary property)
2nd (Collateral)
Halton Hills
Jopling 2 17,000,000 High-Rise Condo 1st Toronto
Kingston Road 4,750,000 Mid-Rise Condo 1st Scarborough
St. Calir Ave E 7,500,000 Mid-Rise Condo 1st Toronto