About Us

We conduct business deal by deal

At Vector Financial, we originate, underwrite, syndicate, and administer all of our mortgage loans for their entire duration. Our goal is to keep our clients and stakeholders well informed and educated. We understand that not everyone has the expertise to do a comprehensive review of the loan, hence we organize all the data and present it to investors in an easy-to-read investment summary.

We do our research

We constantly analyse and update our underwriting procedures to maintain discipline while investing conservatively. Having financed hundreds of loans over the years, we have built and maintain an in-house database of project metrics allowing us to make self-reliant decisions. In addition, we use a number of industry experts, from cost consultants to planning specialists to supplement our knowledge and aid in good decision making.


We see things that others don’t. We tailor loans based on the financing needs and capabilities of borrowers, simultaneously meeting the needs of investors who entrust us to make smart investing decisions on their behalf time and time again.

We know Toronto

We have been investing in GTA+ real estate market since our inception in 1969, and have a fundamental understanding of how commercial real estate activities are carried out and administered in this region. Our credit committee members have 20 to 50 years of real estate experience. We have enjoyed supporting the growth of our local community, and will continue to contribute to Toronto, one of North America’s fastest growing cities. Our business practices reflect our experience in the real-estate market, as they were shaped by a variety of scenarios including the market corrections of the 1970’s and 1990’s, the boom of the 2000’s, the Great Recession of 2008-09, and the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic.

Our History

Oelbaum family founded Vector Financial Services Limited
Frank Laurie joins Vector
Operations expand under Frank’s leadership/Annette Cohen joins
90's to 2000's
Mitchell Oelbaum takes over from Ronald Oelbaum. Richard Cohen takes over for Annette Cohen
Noah Mintz joins as Principal, Vector adds key members to the team
Operating as Vector Financial
Today & onwards
Continuously growing with the times

We are a family business.

The Oelbaum family began Vector Financial in 1969 after selling its corrugated paper box business, ACME Paper Box Co., and using family’s capital to kick-start the new real-estate lending venture. Frank Laurie joined in 1973 and helped to pave the way into expanding our capital pool to outside investors who wanted to achieve consistent returns alongside Vector shareholders. As we expanded throughout the 80’s and 90’s under Frank’s leadership, we obtained our brokerage licenses, and added key members to our team. In 2017 Frank began a succession plan by adding key members with diverse industry experience to the shareholder group and today we are known as Vector Financial.

Meet Our Team

We’re in a period of sustained-growth

Servicing over 450 investors we continue to trend upwards. Having financed over $1.25 billion in transactions, our Assets Under Management (AUM) have grown by 44% since 2016. We pride ourselves on regularly keeping in touch with investors and being able to offer relevant information about their investments and the market. Strong growth and steady practice pave the way into our future. We are tortoises, not hares.

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