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Welcome to Vector Financial, a place where interests of capital and entrepreneurs align. We open the doors of real estate investing to both investors and developers. Through a carefully selected portfolio of quality investment opportunities, we have been able to deliver a 7 – 9%* annual return to our investors over the last 7 years. Each loan is managed in-house, where our experienced team works to develop opportunities that reflect the values and investment goals of our clients and community.

We are a private (non-bank) Mortgage Lender, Brokerage and Administrator. Our group has been providing commercial mortgages to a diverse group of borrowers in the Greater Golden Horseshoe Area since 1969.

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Consistent Results through Thoughtful Leadership

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*Rate Disclaimer: These figures are derived from the composition of Vector’s portfolio as of August 19, 2020. Individual metrics will vary depending on each investor’s portfolio of loans. Mortgage investments are not guaranteed, their value may fluctuate, and past performance may not be repeated.

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    We provide the best lending opportunities and solutions thanks to 50 years of experience managing hundreds of unique lending projects

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    Through market changes we maintain a disciplined approach that protects our investors and their returns

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